Going Away – See You Soon 

So, I’ve been contemplating for days now whether to leave quietly or announce it. Obviously, I’ve decided to announce it. I wouldn’t want to leave you all lingering. So.. I’m leaving this blog behind and moving on to my new blog The Mindful Motivation. As much as I’ve put into this blog, I just felt […]

Change Is A Beautiful Thing 

   I was looking through a few old things and I noticed how much I have changed over the years. No worries, I made a positive change! Which, I am extremely happy about.  For as long as I could remember I’ve always had an attitude and an outspoken mouth. That got me in trouble many […]

Who Motivates You? 

   Good afternoon everyone!  Too often I see people trying to set a time as to when you should have life all figured out..  For a while I did not know what I wanted to do. People always asked me “What do you want to do/be after high school?” I didn’t really have the answer […]

Thank You For Being My Bestfriend 

    To my bestfriend,  We’ve ran into a few people that we called “friends” throughout our lives who told us they would be there always. Until, life got in between those promises and they eventually turned away. Maybe? Or y’all may have went down two separate paths and the only other choice was to leave […]

Letter to My Guardian Angel

   To my mother, As I have been sitting at this computer for over 3 hours and this is my 4th attempt at writing this I am hoping this one can cover everything that I want to say, but can’t find the words to say it. When you passed away I did not know how […]

It’s About Forgiveness

   Forgiveness! A word many of us can’t seem to fathom. We run in the other direction when we are faced with the idea to forgive. They’re not worthy of my forgiveness.. I will be look upon as weak. Those are the thoughts that may surface or there may be others.  However, we have to understand […]